Top 10 Educational Websites Assignment

As we continue our study on the Internet, it is important for each of us to try and identify ten websites that we feel are very important websites for you and your students. With each website, please provide the following in your write-up:

  1. The website name
  2. The website address (Please make sure you include the http:// as part of the address)
  3. A brief description of the site
  4. Why you think it is a good website
  5. What grade level it would be good for

  • Please make sure you include your name and date at the top of your assignment.


Apple Education Resources

This site provides additional resources for educators to use in the classroom when integrating technology into the classroom. It has become a valuable resource for me to pull information for specific topics like iMovie, iPhoto, Podcasting, & other iLife applications. It also has a research section on how technology integration is effecting student achievement. This site would be a good site for teachers to use as a resource when trying to integrate any of the iLife applications into their curriculum.

Grade Level: Teacher, Technology Integrator

Turning in your assignment:

  1. Your assignment must be typed.
  2. You must have your name at the top of the assignment
  3. You also must post your Top 10 websites to your Wiki and each of the links must be active. You will need to post all of the information that is on the paper you turn into me on your wiki.
  4. You must submit to me a printed copy of the completed assignment on Tuesday, January 31st in class.

Your assignment is due: Tuesday, January 31st.